From starting a SMALL Business
to being a BIG Deal.

business mind.

One of the most important steps of being able to start and operate a successful business is making sure one has the right state of mind. The Mind Element helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to get their mind in the game.

business credit.

Even if all businesses were created equally, they still would not be treated equally. That is why Crebul makes it easy and affordable for all business owners to start on their path to building business credit with its SMARTER Business Credit Builder program.

business presence.

We live in a digital age that connects businesses with possible customers all over the world. In order for small businesses to take advantage, they need to have an online presence. Osisis can help create a branded online presence with logo and website design, as well as branded advertising graphics and videos.









Who we are BEI

Bettina Elizabeth Inc. family of companies was born out of a passion for seeing small businesses achieve their goals. It all started in 2012 with the creation of Osisis; a consulting and digital design firm that specialized in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners from underrepresented communities expand their business presence online.

Fast forward to 2020. The year the world shut down due to Covid-19. Disparities between the treatment of businesses became glaringly clear. To help close the gap, Crebul Limited Co was born because all businesses deserve the chance to start building business credit to help their business have access to whatever it needs when it needs it.

You have a strong online presence and you're on your way to establishing business credit, but there is still something holding you back from establishing your business goals. Enter The Mind Element. TME was created to help aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives overcome one of the biggest hurdles many of them face; their own mind.

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